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As a teacher of jurisprudence, I seek to make my classroom a space for students to reflect on concepts of law and justice. I hope students will discover for themselves the nature, purpose and function of law, what gives law legitimacy, how it interacts with other social phenomena, and how law's transformative potential may be harnessed. I hope that they will understand their future roles in the legal process or as citizenry in a democracy.

Current Courses

I teach Legal Theory & Philosophy (LAW301) as a core module to upper year law students as well as to social science students in the Politics, Law & Economics program. 

I also offer Jurisprudence: Modern and Critical Theories of Law (CORLAW2612) as an elective under the Cultures of the Modern World basket within the Civilisations pillar of the University Core Curriculum, from which students at Singapore Management University are required to choose a course.

Teaching Awards

I've won multiple teaching awards at the university level as well as at the school/faculty level. These include the SMU Excellent Teacher Award, the SMU Innovative Teacher Award, the SMU School of Law Most Outstanding Teacher Award, and others. I've also been recognised for my contribution to student life when I won the SMU Student Life Award.


I previously taught at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore where, in addition to courses in legal theory, I've taught a range of courses such as constitutional law, conflict of laws, torts, contract, and company law. I also won multiple teaching awards including the university-level Annual Teaching Excellence Award (page 14).

As a Byse Fellow at the Harvard Law School during my doctoral studies, I've also offered a seven-session Graduate Workshop, Law & Morality: A Critical Examination of Natural Law and its Relevance in a Pluralist World (Fall 2003). A snippet of my experience can be found here (pages 14 & 15).

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